Eliminating the barriers for Semantic Technology adoption.
Create a business architecture where everyone understands how to achieve their goals.
Create a data information architecture that works for your users and your business.
Create a system architecture that allows your environment to maximise its potential.
Delivering Semantic Technologies to the Business.


In4mium can help businesses to understand the role of semantic technologies.
Showing you where and how to use the most effective design patterns in the areas that matter most to achieve your goals.

In4mium can enlighten your business strategy throughTraining (Theoretical and Hands On)

Architectural Review
Adoption Strategy
Use Case / Competency analysis


The In4mium approach allows you to create a data information architecture that embraces your data releasing the power of its content, whilst creating a flexible, sustainable and extensible data environment for now and the future.

In4mium can connect your information through design, review and implementation of

Data Information Architecture
Data Integration Architecture
Vocabulary management
System / Application Integration


In4mium will help you to create a system integration architecture that maximizes the potential of your existing environments.
Enhance, integrate and drive your systems using a model driven approach releasing the value of your systems.

In4mium can help you deliver the most effective system architecture through.

Model Driven System Behaviour
Architectural / Strategy Review
System / Application Deployment