In4mium Services

In4mium provides a range of services to assist your company gain insight and competency with semantic technology adoption.
Whether you are seeking to gain knowledge around the benefits and myths that semantic technologies bring or looking to implement your first model driven middleware architecture…. In4mium can help you get there in the shorted possible time.

In4mium can help you incorporate semantic technologies at the heart of your business utilising various tools and capabilities.
We will help you to help yourself by sharing our experience showing you how to achieve the best outcomes. We will guide and assist you through the potential pitfalls of semantic technology adoption and explain the optimal design patterns without the need for steep learning curves or expensive mistakes.


In4mium Services to help you


  • Data Integration Strategy
  • Design, Review, Implementation
  • Vocabulary management
  • Application Integration
  • System Integration


  • Model Driven System Behaviour
  • Architectural Review
  • System Design
  • System Implementation
  • Design Patterns


  • Training (Theoretical and Hands On)
  • Architectural Review
  • Adoption Strategy
  • Use Case / Competency Analysis
  • The Pros and Cons (as we have experienced them)